Working out with The Beatles!

Posted on by V.C. August

Dorie wanted to sleep in for the weekend. She ate way too much garbage the day before and just needed some relaxation. I felt for her.





The news was going crazy with reports this day.  The 2012 Beatles fest for Beatles fans was in full swing and located just through the Lincoln tunnel is Secaucus New Jersey. I knew that my friends were going to just go nuts to go. I left a message on my friends Suzy’s answering machine and told her that I would be right over to pick her up for the Beatle’s rock out fest. To my surprise she wasn’t home. I couldn’t find here anywhere. Darn!





I then called my friend Judy. “Judy there is a rocking Beatle’s fest in Secaucus. Why don’t you and your little dog come along. It is totally happening!!” My friend Judy was very upset. “I can’t find my little Precious! I have been looking everywhere! Please help me.” I wanted to help,

but the Beatle’s were waiting. “Wish I could Judy, but the band needs me. Sorry”



I thought that my buddy Rick would do anything to go. His reaction was a little disturbing. 




I’m going to surprise the kid down the hall. I’m sure she loves the Beatles. Why is she crying? 



She has never been shy like this before. Must be too exciting for the little thing.

Michelle. Michelle Obama. She will do anything to hang with me. I called the Whitehouse. ” Hi, this is Barack. I have Michelle’s best friend on the phone, please put her on the line.”  A quick answer said, “Yes Mr. President! Soon the click of a phone picking up came. “Hi honey! It is so nice to hear from you!” I then said, “I feel the same way Michelle. Boy do I have a surprise for you! We are going to the Beatle’s fest in Secaucus New Jersey!!!” Michelle was so overcome with excitement, she couldn’t speak. 




“Who are you??” Laughing I said, “It’s me, V , silly!” Strange noise. “Hello, Hello, Michelle?” 




I decided that I will go on my own. My friends will be crying from missing the event, but, I tried. I am off to boogie! 




As I ripped down the Jersey turnpike I saw some hippies hitchhiking with their little dog. I pulled over immediately.
 “Hey there. Are your far out, groovy dudes going to the Beatles gig?” With a big toothless smile, they said, “Oh far out man. We can dig having a lift.” They jumped right in the car, and I went peeling off.

” Your little dog is cute. Just put him in the front seat with me. I love dogs!” Mr. hippie man put the dog in the front seat to be my co-pilot. The dog had incredibly long nails. “What breed is your dog?” I asked. The chick with several long hairs on her chin and from her nose, said, “Oh it is a honey badger, not a dog. We call him ‘face ripper’.”




I was careful not to make eye contact with Mr. Face Ripper. I ignored the little growling, hissing sounds. I think I heard the sound of leather being ripped on my seat.

John, George, Paul and Ringo, here we come!! 




Stay tuned for my arrival at the 2012 Beatles fest!



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