The healing power of friends

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This Saturday C and I had planned on having about ten friends over for what we call our “happy hour.” We try to do this about once a month to have special time with some of the people who are dearest to us. It always starts at about 6 PM and we usually all fizzle out by about 10 PM. Friday night I felt so ill that I was in bed by about 7 or 8 PM. I wanted so badly to see our friends on Saturday, but knew that I most likely would not be able to do so. When C saw that I was out cold very early, she told our friends that Saturday wasn’t going to work out. I ended up sleeping for over fourteen hours. When I finally woke up on Saturday I felt sad about our plans being cancelled, but knew that C did the right thing. I just couldn’t push.  Her new plan was to have our nephew, Michael, over for what else, pasta.  If I needed to go back to bed, it would be fine. C however, forgot to tell my dear friend Michelle, about the cancellation. By the time we realized, Michelle was already on the train from Long Island to Manhattan to stay a night with us like she often does. When I found out about the miscommunication I felt excited that I would see her. With Michelle here, I knew that I could hang out with her in my PJs, watching TV in bed if needed. We always find humor in any situation. I also had some gifts for Michelle’s birthday that I had being holding for some time that I wanted to give her.


When my book went up on Amazon, Michelle ordered a copy that same day.  When she told me that she ordered the book, as asked, she promised that she wouldn’t open it until she was with me.  Michelle sounded a little perplexed, but knows that I am kind of nuts, so let it go.

Saturday evening, Michelle ripped through her gifts like a Honey Badger on steroids. As she was saying thank you, I mentioned that I have something to show her. I brought out my book, The Healing Hour, and asked if she could just read the acknowledgments to my nephew for me. When Michelle got to the second page of acknowledgments, she fell silent and started to cry. I took over reading.


Michelle Pierson:  I first met Michelle at the beginning of writing this book. She had supported me one hundred percent since the day we met here in New York City. She is brilliant, kind, witty, and the best friend that one could ever want. I will love my dear friend forever. She is my Best friend/Genius/Great Person. (BFGGP)


Sunday Morning:

I was feeling normal again. I told Michelle about my fitness quest.  It was a beautiful day and we vowed to walk ten miles in Central Park and take my bike out for its maiden voyage. It turned out that  C and I had to run some errands and unfortunately Michelle and I were not able to go to central park or ride the bike. The three of us ran the errands and were quite hungry. I needed to get lettuce, grapefruit juice and hamburger from the grocery store. Michelle suggested that interval training is very good for rapid weight loss. She asked my how fast I could run into the grocery store, get what we need and be back to the car where she and C would be waiting. I was aggressive with my estimate and said five minutes. Michelle said make it four minutes. I was up for the challenge and jumped into action.












         Sunday late afternoon is the worst time to grocery shop in New York City. The crowds can make you go insane. I had to get the lettuce!! Everybody was getting in my way.












Lettuce! I need Lettuce! Seconds were ticking away.


I just love that Michelle Obama! Thank you Michelle. I owe you one. Meat section, where is the meat section.  The stress was making me have evil thoughts. Move! Hey stupid, how long are you going to stare at the can for?


Now the grapefruit juice. Need the grapefruit juice! Oh, no you don’t! The juice is mine! You want to see a bad attitude? I will show you a bad attitude!















Give me that juice! It’s mine! Give it to me!






Now off for the hamburger. People, people and more people. It was grid lock everywhere. I was now at three minutes. I had only one minute left or I will be fat for life.




Suddenly, I spotted the hamburger in somebody’s cart.  My instincts took over. I ran to the cart and grabbed the hamburger. To my surprise, I had Michelle Obama’s support once again!










I could swear that I heard a curse word but must have just been stressed out and hearing things.

Final stretch. Zipped past long line to get to cashier. Hear background talking That &(U)*()I*!!!**. The nerve of **%^@@@!!!.

Lunged to the car only to see my friend chatting away on her phone with her boyfriend. She forgot to set the timer. I hope I’m not on New York’s most hated list.




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