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The Healing Hour

Every love relationship bears the risk of inevitable loss, and so to offer one’s heart is always an act of emotional courage. The two main characters in The Healing Hour are not a likely pairing. The narrator, V, is an independent, feisty, witty businesswoman who is in a committed, happy relationship. Dr. Alex is a psychiatrist who helps her when she becomes quite ill with lupus, a disease that puts V at risk of losing both her eyesight and her business. But it is only a short time before Dr. Alex herself becomes ill, terminally. The healing hour now involves V’s support and feelings for Dr. Alex. The memoir shows how being willing to love everywhere – your mate, your career, the streets of New York, your family, and then, even your doctor – can be healing for everyone. Even the readers.

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Guardian Angel

I think many people have their special feelings about angels, their hierarchy, and powers of the universe. Some may feel at times that they need a Guardian Angel vs. an angel blessing. I wanted to have a guardian angel for those who want or need to take in the feeling of having a different kind of angel with them. My feeling? The more angels and the more one is in tune with the whole universe, the better.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet

Too many people know how devastating breast cancer is. This bracelet helps put support out there for breast cancer awareness and to support those who have, or are going through the pain and suffering that this terrible disease inflicts.

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Casino Bracelet

No matter what is going on in your life, you must give yourself time to just simply have fun. Even at times when it may be difficult, it helps just forget about things for awhile and let yourself be wild and crazy. Not necessarily going to a casino, but whatever it is that gives you joy. By the way, take some advice from V, be careful with the Roulette table.

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Mother/Daughter Bracelet

This bracelet celebrates the special bond between mother and daughter.

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Dog Blessing

We cannot forgot to bless our wonderful pets. They give so much joy and comfort to our lives. (Most of the time that is!)

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Evil Eye Keychain

What a great way to have the evil eye with you at all times. Hopefully, it will keep away the evil in this world, and may also serve a dual purpose of helping you find your keys!

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Red Evil Eye Bracelet

For those of you that may not be familiar with what evil eyes are, this bracelet may sound scary. But the Evil eye symbol is believed by many to be a “Lucky Charm” that wards of evil in your life and works as a protector that keeps your life in balance. So no need to worry. It is not evil at all. You can trust that anything sold on The Healing Hour web site is strictly intended to help you have the inspiration to ward off the downs that life sometimes throws us.

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Happiness Bracelet

No matter what you personal struggle is, it will always feel like less of obstacle if you give to others in any way that you can. Generosity will always grow and thrive.

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Create lupus awareness and support the S.L.E. Lupus Foundation

Support the S.L.E. Lupus Foundation

The color for lupus support is purple. We found a elegant way to show your support. The Healing Hour is all about giving back. The S.L.E. Lupus Foundation is one of the many foundations that support finding a cure. A percentage of net proceeds from the sale of this bracelet will be donated to the S.L.E. Lupus foundation. Show your support in style!

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Inspiration: Faith,Hope,Love

This is another bracelet that I feel aligns with The Healing Hour. No matter what life deals you, you can’t lose faith that the answer you need is out there. You can’t lose hope that the outcome that you want so badly is a possibility. You need to keep love in your heart no matter what the outcome is. I think that sometimes as much as we want an outcome to be what we want, it may not be in alignment with what is meant to be. It may make us angry and sad, but we need to trust that there is love in this universe of ours and the energy knows what needs to be done.

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I Love You As My Mother

I wanted to include this bracelet because love, guidance and family come in many forms. This is great to give to your birth mother of course, but what about all of you who don’t have that person in your life? I believe that all of us want a mom in our life. Moms come in many forms. I doesn’t have to be the person that gave physical birth to you. It can be someone that you have met in your life that has been inspirational, loving and there for you. This bracelet will help you celebrate this very special person.

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"Mom. Another word for love. Mothers are angels on earth."

Mom/Angel Bracelet

I believe that Angels come in many forms. Those of you who have read my book will know have much I love my mother. (I feel so grateful that I can use the present tense as of this writing about my mother.)

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Friends Blessing

One of the most beautiful things in life is meeting a dear friend. If you don’t have a dear friend to give this bracelet to, start giving of yourself and you will meet dear friends.

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Daughter’s Blessing

A daughter is a special gift, a blessing from above; the joy and friendship never end and least of all the love” Need it say more?

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Sister Blessing

For those of us blessed to have a special sister or brother, it is a very special gift. We must remember however, that we can have people in our life that may not be our biological siblings, but love them just as much.

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“Dogs are not our whole life, But they make our lives whole. –Roger Caras.”

Dog Blessing

Dogs Make Our Life Whole: “Dogs are not our whole life, But they make our lives whole. –Roger Caras.” For those that have read my book, you will know that I am a Beagle person. However I love all animals.

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