Spring Training that requires motivation. Update from V.

Posted on by V.C. August

True to my word, I did indeed walk past three subway stops before getting on the train to meet with my writing coach, Gay Walley, to discuss my next book. I took the train to the West Village and walked about a half mile over to meet Gay.

Only three more flights!

Gay buzzed the door for entry into her building. I got the usual sinking feeling that I get when I look at Cardiac Stairs. It is four long, long, flights of stairs to get to my wonderful writing coach. The drill is always the same. First of all, it is uncanny that almost every time I have a meeting with Gay, my joints are acting up.
I started to slowly slither up the steps, stopping to catch my breath at moments, and grabbing my stinging knees. I don’t know why I try and grab my knees. It does absolutely nothing for the pain.
I then hear Gays sweat voice from what feels like the sky above. “V are you OK?” Can I help you? I always manage to spit out that I am fine. I would rather croak than ask for help.
Finally I reach the final step to see Gay waiting for me with concern on her face. “Hi V, how are you doing?” I am always too out of breath to talk, and move to the sofa for my writing review like a trained, well, a trained rat.
Towards the end of our meeting, Gay asked how my blog is going. I couldn’t talk. Since Gay has been my writing coach/psychiatrist for so long, she picked up that I was disturbed by something. She was staring at me. I suddenly blurted out “Do you think it would be awful if I didn’t tell the full truth to my blog followers tomorrow!”
Gay was very calm. Most likely from her psychiatric training meeting me and being a writing coach. “Why would you want to do that V? That isn’t like you at all.”
I took in a deep breath. “I never made it to water aerobics like I said I would!” Gay smiled and said “Oh that all! Everybody does stuff like that! It will eat you alive if you don’t tell the truth.”

So my dear readers. The truth. I had a stressful day. I stayed up too late playing Texas Holdem on Face Book. I was ahead by a million dollars in fake money! (Now long gone.) I couldn’t wake up in time for my class. However lets add up what I did do.

Skipping three stops to the subway = 18 Blocks
Walking back and forth East Village = 16 Blocks
Getting off two stops early on way hm. = 11 bocks
(Ya, I know, was supposed to be three stops. Spaced out on the subway playing black Jack on my phone)

Total Blocks of walking = 45/20 = 2.25 Miles! According to some calculator I found on the internet. this equals about 200 Calories. (That’s all!)
But then, what should we add in for Cardiac stairs? Well it takes me about ten minutes to reach the top. I guess it should be the same as 10 minutes on a Stairmaster. Some other site claims about 60 lousy calories! I hate the site and will never return again for life. So the grand total: 260 calories burned. Not so bad. It’s a start. We will prevail!!

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  1. I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great. I don’t know who you are but certainly you’re going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already ;) Cheers!

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