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Posted on by V.C. August

I was off to a bit of a slow start with the terrible, well, you know, incident on the way to my water aerobics class. Let’s all forget that awful little story. I am going to attempt the following activities, to fend off lupus flares, get in shape and feel good. The following is what I have to work with.
1. My membership to my health club that also has water aerobic classes.
2. My fold up bicycle that I bought on Amazon six months ago that is hungry for its maiden voyage.
3. My Wii and my Wii Fit stepper, along with my Wii Sports CD
4. A basketball hoop near my Manhattan Apartment
5. Fantastic Parks like Central Park and Riverside Park
6. My tummy wheel from about fifteen years ago that managed to remain in my closet. Now freshly dusted
7. Fear of looking awful when filmed at a book signing.
8. The fact that my jeans are getting tighter.
9. When I ask my nieces and nephews’ “Do I look fat?” they remain silent.
10. Other residents in my building staring at me in the elevator. I know what they are thinking.
The Plan:
• Tomorrow I will be sure that I get to the forty five minute water aerobics class. I will do my best to walk to it, but if forced to take a cab, I will be on strict rat alert. (This awful situation can never be repeated again for life!)
• Since it will be daylight after my class, I will walk the half mile back to my home.
• I have an appointment with my wonderful writing coach Gay Walley who offers stair master benefits, since she lives in a 4th floor walkup. http://www.gaywalley.com/
• I will walk past three stops and catch a subway closer to the village. This will be good for another half mile of walking. I will do the same upon my return.
• On my way home, I will walk quickly past my favorite hangout and resist the glass of wine that is equal to 150 calories. Times ten, this could be 1500 Calories!
Stay tuned for the update and utilization of other fitness tools. V

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