Spring training for V. Take the challenge with me.

Posted on by V.C. August

Spring is on the way, time to get in shape. I must admit that I had to lie on the bed to button my jeans this morning. I thought that those days were over in high school. I am a woman on a mission to feel good and get rid of some blubber. Anybody that wants to join me is welcome. Of course you are welcome to follow my plan or share yours. Warning. I am NOT a physician and I am kind of nuts. I in no way am advocating that you follow the crazy things that I do.
My name is V, and I have lupus. I was finally diagnosed in 2002, although I believe that I had Lupus for many years before. I live in New York City and have been rather lucky this year to not have the extreme flares that have plagued me in the past. The NYC winter was not as intense as usual, and I have grown much smarter about knowing the warning signs that my body tells me before a flare. I felt like I needed an ejector bed to throw me in a swimming pool this morning to wake up. However, I did finally get up.
Although I was lucky enough to slip through most of the winter without being bedridden, I am getting the warning signals of a flare. Exhaustion and joint pain. What I personally found over the years is that the worst thing I should do when my joints are starting to flare and I am exhausted all the time, is, nothing. At one point, I was having constant flares, was riddled with anxiety, and very depressed. What I learned from a wonderful doctor and person that I was blessed to know, Dr. Alex, is to do, something. I started to walk in the mornings for as long as I could. The second, my joints would start to hurt and burn, I immediately returned home. After resting for awhile, I would then go out and repeat the behavior, trying to get in a total of at least one hour. It really works!
So, I recommend any exercise that is low impact, so you don’t hurt your joints . If you listen to your body, it will tell you when to stop and rest. After resting, try to continue to exercise until you complete the amount of time that you have committed to your personal wellness.
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Details soon. V

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