Spring training for those who need a low impact workout

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Spring training for those who need a low impact workout
I have been diligently researching since my last blog. Below is great information that I found on the Lupus Foundation website.
The following exercises are great for people with any kind of connective tissue disease, like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and Osteoarthritis , but they are also helpful for everybody who wants to get started with their spring training. You go at the pace the feels right for your body.
1. Walking
2. Swimming
3. Bicycling
4. Low-impact aerobics
5. certain types of yoga
6. Pilates
7. Stretching.
Using an elliptical exercise machine will strengthen your bones and tone your muscles without aggravating inflamed joints, while also helping to lower the risk for developing osteoporosis.
If you are experiencing swollen joints or muscle pain, you should avoid or at least limit activities that may be demanding on joints and muscles, such as jogging, weightlifting, or high-impact aerobics. If you find that you tire easily when you exercise, be sure to pace yourself. The most important thing to remember is to not give up exercising, as muscles that are not used will quickly become weak.
As always the lupus foundation website was filled with great information. http://bit.ly/bHTxlj
I have found for myself that it doesn’t work for me to do any kind of high impact exercising, like jogging and weight lifting. What I have found to be much better, with greater benefits, at least for me, is water aerobics.
I joined a health club that had water aerobic classes. The night before, I laid out my brand new bathing suit, bathing cap, water slippers and wrote the combination to my lock in permanent marker near my arm pit so nobody could see.

My club is about ten blocks from my home, which is equal to about a half mile. I walked outside and it was raining slightly, and cold. I was having evil feelings of turning around and crawling back into bed.
I saw a yellow taxi coming down the street. I ran. “Taxi, Taxi” Just as the cab stopped, and I started to get in, I stepped on something squishy. I looked down and to my horror, realized that I had just stepped on fresh rat guts that the taxi just ran over. Repulsed, I managed to tell the driver the address to my club.

I entered the club. I thought, What does one do with rat guts on the bottom of their shoe? I envisioned, “Rat Gut Juice” going onto the floor with every step. If I threw the shoes away, I would have none. Should I tell the front desk about my problem? Couldn’t. They would most likely ban me from the club.
I got to the locker room. As members ran around, I sat on a bench pretending to read emails on my phone while trying to think of what to do about my problem. Etiquette books do not prepare people for such a problem. Ann Landers is dead.

Most club members finally left the locker room. I found a bottle of spray disinfectant, held my shoe over the toilet and sprayed the whole bottle of cleaner on the bottom of my sneaker. I then stepped on many paper towels, until I was sure that the rodent was gone.

When I looked at the clock, I knew that the water aerobics class would be finished in ten minutes. Sadly, I walked back outside, hailed a taxi and was soon home.
Soon I was cuddly in my bed.
To be continued…..

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