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Huffington Post

A Different Kind of Medical Battle

I am deeply flattered and grateful that a regular contributor to the Huffington Post, Judy Shapiro, chose to write about my memoir, The Healing Hour. Judy Shapiro has chosen my book about the arduous journey through a dysfunctional health care system and my struggle to seek help getting diagnosed and treated for a debilitating, serious disease – Lupus. I see it as an opportunity for others, who may be in a similar situation, to realize they are not alone and help can be found.  Thank you, Ms. Shapiro. I was inspired to write this memoir as a tribute to a wonderful psychiatrist who changed my life profoundly. I also wanted to provide inspiration to those who struggle with the health care maze and the many challenges of our medical system.


My intention was to also pay tribute to my dear partner Carol, of over twenty five years who stood by me every step of the way through a journey that felt endless. Some people feel that gay relationships don’t work; I hope and believe that reading The Healing Hour will give a new perspective.


Another area covered in my book was a subject that is rarely spoken about: the fragility of life when a patient/doctor are both facing a serious illness.  What does a patient do when she/he knows her psychiatrist is going to die?  I wanted to explore the symbiotic bond that was formed during this difficult journey and how often roles can be reversed.  Humanity is what must always first and foremost prevail.


VC August-The Healing Hour

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