My new friend and workout buddy

Posted on by V.C. August

The week started out a bit tough from the St. Patrick’s day workout. Got on the scale and to my horror, found myself two pounds heavier.

What’s a girl to do? I kept trying to find some kind of sign to tell me what to do.  I need a work out buddy and need one fast.  But then is working out all that important? I started to ponder the thought as I started to walk home. If only I had some kind of sign from the universe. I was in such deep thought that I bumped into a pole with this sign.  I finally had my answer.




As I was getting close to home I saw my friend Dorie running up to me panting. I crawled on the ground and we had our usual little make out scene. We slobbered on each other for about five minutes. I found my new work out buddy! If Dorie can’t motivate me, nobody can. My new workout buddy! Meet Dorie!

I never thought that I would enjoy chewing on sticks, but they are high fiber and low calorie.  If Dorie does it, I will also. “Like Beagle, like,… well,  whatever.”





OK Dorie time to work out more. Dorie?





Well it is our first workout. Stay tuned……


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