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Posted on by V.C. August

I have been staying away from the grocery store where I do my interval training.  I recently walked past the vegetables outside and saw an employee running inside screaming to the manager.  “She’s near the store!”  I of course assumed that the employee must have been talking about someone else.

I also wrote a thank you note to Michelle Obama for making my shopping experience easier by having the lettuce and hamburger available for me.  I never got a letter back.  How rude!

I have exercise to catch up on. Still need to accomplish the following.

1. Maiden voyage on bicycle.  Minimum 90 minutes

2. Tummy wheel.  50 reps.

3. Aerobic walking.  2 hours

4. Wii boxing 30 minutes

It was a beautiful weekend and I called my niece Ariel to walk me. I blocked caller ID to be sure that she picked up.  I think that she thought it was a boyfriend calling because she picked up with a chipper voice saying, “Hi there!  Great to hear from you!”  Delighted, I said, “Oh thank you Ariel.”  There suddenly was a phone problem.  The line sounded dead. “Hello, Hello, Ariel, it’s aunt V.”  After a very long pause, Ariel 




said, “Um, hi aunt V.  I have to study.”

I was surprised by this since my niece told me that her exams were over for the moment.  “Oh yah, um, Aunt V, I’m preparing for next semester.” 




I like a “go getter”, so I wished her luck.

I called my other niece Olivia, and simply heard screaming in the background.

What does one do when they can’t find a work out buddy?  I walked up Broadway looking for an exercise freak like me.  There were plenty of people around since it was St. Patrick’s Day weekend.  Oh my God!  It was Michelle Obama again!!  She and Barack were sucking down a beer in the local Irish pub. 




I screamed “Michelle!  It’s me. Me V!  Let’s work out!”

Before I knew it, I heard a man say, “Get Out!”





He apparently had a bad attitude.  Michelle is going to be pissed when I tell her about the treatment that I received!  OK Mr. “Secret Service” your attitude?  Noted.

Back outside: I screamed to the crowd.  “Does anybody want to work out with me!!!?” 




No takers.  Oh well.  If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em 













Calories burned:

Booze: ( - 3000)

After cocktail munchies at 5 Guy burgers:           ( - 1500)

Total Calories burned:  ( - 4500)

Money left in wallet: (-232.00)

Phone numbers in wallet +4 (Not bad)

Punishment for crawling home at 2 AM:  Being appraised, but in BIG trouble

The search for a work out buddy continues…………………….

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