Finding a training buddy.

Posted on by V.C. August

Get off the couch!

I am going to get very serious with my fitness. Although, I must admit, it is a little nippy out today. I don’t think it will be a good day to take my bike on its maiden voyage. I just called my niece Ariel and I have a plan to meet her at her campus so she can walk me. She attends Fordham University and the campus is a great walk. However, Fordham just happens to be next to one of the largest Italian pig out areas in New York City. Arthur Avenue. It is OMG great food!!

This is the plan for today:
1. Ariel walks me for two hours.
2. We return to my home and play Wii Tennis
3. Shoot baskets for 30 minutes
4. Set of 50 rolls with tummy wheel
5.Go to my gym. I will swim and Ariel does the torture machines that she likes for some reason.
6. Half mile walk home from Gym.
7. 30 minutes of Wii Boxing

Although it was a bit chilly, I arrived at Fordham University to be walked by my niece. We encountered some adversity, but, I inspired my niece to walk for over an hour. See clip:

Results: Walking. Check. Wii Tennis, well, did some Wii bowling instead. However I did win. My niece is 21 years old. Basketball. Check. Kind of. I shot a basket. Tummy wheel? Rolled away somewhere. Gym? It was too cold outside. Wii Boxing. Well no. I didn’t want to work my niece too hard on her first day of training.

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