Chapter Preview

“Monday finally arrived. My neurologist appointment was horrific. They hooked me up like Frankenstein’s monster with electrical conductors that would shock me on all parts of my body to test my muscle reaction. Please God, let me die. I want to leave. I lay on the torture table for over an hour.”

“Being a casino rat is actually very good exercise. You could cover miles just by being on the casino floor. If you add in the boardwalk, it’s like being at the gym, complete with a little money at the end of the workout.”

“Searing pain shot up my legs from my toes. I started to get a pounding headache. I felt dizzy. I was begging my body not to pass out. As populated as New York City is, there were no people around.”

“Once satisfied, Carol would become a five-year-old again. Her eyes lit up and she took in the beauty of her beloved tree. It cost me two hundred dollars with tip, but if it made my little darling happy, it was worth it. She would then bark orders at me: “Get the water ready with the Miracle-Gro! We need to start feeding it right away! We also need backup formula because it’s very thirsty until it acclimates to its new parents.”

I thought, New parents? Well, okay, I guess.”



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