Beatles Fest 2012 Part 3

Posted on by V.C. August

July 23, 2012 Beatles Fest: Part 3
Hello all. Please forgive me for the delay in the blog update. Since lupus awareness month, I have been very busy. I was on the Coach Marla Show, attended a lupus fundraiser that Lucy Santos organized. She ended up being able to donate $3000 to the SLE lupus foundation! I was on Fox morning news in Seattle to talk about my book, The Healing Hour . I also have been attending many book signings. The bracelets on The Healing Hour website are a smash hit. I promise new designs coming up. More angels. More spiritual jewelry. More jewelry to celebrate mothers, daughters, family and friends. Thank you to my new friends in the UK!
Well back to The Beatles Fest 2012! What happened with Peter Asher, Mickey Dolenz, Henry McCullough? Where is faceripper, the honey badger, that I thought was a dog? Who else was jamming to the Beatles? What was the strange sound that I heard in my room? How about the hippies that that I picked up hitchhiking, Jupiter and Mars? Where is my work out buddy, Dorie? Is there any food left in Manhattan? Dorie loves her eats.
Well all the jamming continued into wee hours of the morning.

Finally at some crazy hour I decided to crash in my room. Stupid room service never brought my pizza up. I was too tired to eat anyway.
I thought I heard little growing and chomping sounds, but figured that exhaustion got the best of me. I flung myself on the bed and was out.

I had crazy dreams of being in the wild.

Stay tuned for Beatles Fest Part 4

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