About the Book

Published in November 2011, The Healing Hour is a memoir by V.C. August. You might think this would be a sad book – after all, a woman suffers a grueling illness, sees a psychiatrist at the suggestion of her internist, and then the psychiatrist, who is excellent and helps the narrator, becomes herself terminally ill. But the book is not sad.

“Why is that?” you ask.

It’s the characters. The narrator is in love with New York City, her partner, her career, her family – and she puts herself out for everyone she loves. The psychiatrist is equally involved in life – and these two meet and form a bond. Neither the psychiatrist nor the narrator ever considers self-pity or lying down and giving up.

Both people work throughout their terrible challenges and choose love as their healing remedy. The narrator does all she can for the analyst, and the analyst does all she can for the patient. In the meantime, the narrator hikes, overtips, gambles, talks to her Audi, and is on bad terms with Christmas elves. She is also putting her nieces through school, eager to make her long-term partner happy even at her own cost, and is always ready for life.

For that reason, this memoir is important. We learn that no matter what happens to us, there is only one way to make each hour healing—and that is to care for the other. V.C. August teaches us that.

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