About the Author

V C August was diagnosed with lupus and Sjogren’s syndrome in 2002. Both before and after her diagnosis, she went through a torturous time with the medical profession, the illness itself, and the possibility of losing her business. An internist recommended that the author go to a psychiatrist to navigate these difficult shoals. The author did, and recovered her emotional strength and purpose with the help of this physician. Sadly, the physician herself became terminally ill and the book follows the author’s commitment to her doctor – till the end. Ms. August was inspired to write this book to honor this person, as well as provide support, courage, inspiration, laughter to the many people who have been victimized not only by illness, but by a health care system that so often seems not to care. V C August is an author, motivational speaker, and business owner. She currently lives vibrantly in New York City.

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