True story about relations between patient and psychiatrist. Could this be patient doctor transference or just doctor and patient need. Buy Book.Every love relationship bears the risk of inevitable loss, and so to offer one’s heart is always an act of emotional courage. The two main characters in The Healing Hour are not a likely pairing. The narrator, V, is an independent, feisty, witty businesswoman who is in a committed, happy relationship. Dr. Alex is a psychiatrist who helps her when she becomes quite ill with lupus, a disease that puts V at risk of losing both her eyesight and her business. But it is only a short time before Dr. Alex herself becomes ill, terminally. The healing hour now involves V’s support and feelings for Dr. Alex. The memoir shows how being willing to love everywhere — your mate, your career, the streets of New York, your family, and then, even your doctor — can be healing for everyone. Even the readers.

Buy the book to learn about love friendship and overcoming adversity when stricken with Lupus, cancer and autoimmune disease between doctor and patient.

Book Trailer for The Healing Hour. What do you do when you think that your life is complete but then starts to fall apart. What is your doctor needs you as much as you need her Him.

Testimonial. The healing power of love. The author loves, women, fast cars, drinking and gambling and plays her hand with everything that she’s got.

Whether you loved ‘The Bell Jar’ or the other bell – ‘The Diving Bell and The Butterfly’, books about survival, or lack of survival, compel us to dig deeper in our own lives and ask the profound question, how do I go on living, coping, striving for another day? We all face obstacles. But, a book like ‘The Healing Hour’ is so chock full of humor, and the will to live, even in the face of adversity, that it inspires, even when all is not inspiring. Lupus is a devastating disease. You usually can’t see it on the outside, but the day to day pain survivors face can be debilitating, in such insidious ways that it’s hard not to go insane. V.C. does not go insane. She gets stronger, gains more insight and even gets richer – kinda. To write a story like this, and not sound like a victim is profound. I loved it. And, I love V.C for writing it! -Joy Rose

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